Monday 22 April 2013

Monday ramble about drawing and stuff

First a lunchtime sketch of Ramsgate Clockhouse or Maritime Museum from the Royal

 A photo from the same location.

The weather is just reaching the point where it is good enough to sketch outside and I am getting back into practise sketching familiar local buildings

The idea here is to do a quick freehand sketch, without any assistance whatsoever, like holding your pencil at arms length or drawing lines meeting at a vanishing point and then compare the sketch with the photo and work out what went wrong.

Of course there was a time, before the invention of photography, where I guess the artist was trying to get as close to a photograph as possible, and I guess there is a sense where I could just as well take a photograph instead.

In terms of how quick is quick the sketch must have taken about ¾ of an hour, I get an hour for lunch and managed to leave 10mins early today, had the all day breakfast inc cup of tea in The Royal £5 so I guess I was in there for about an hour and it took ¼ hour to eat it. 

I may ramble on
I have put some paint on the clockhouse, will probably add some more

Just been reminded to put the finished picture up


  1. how come the slipways are not used anymore

  2. Anon I guess the answer there is a tad complicated clicking here will give you the long answer, the short answer is the partly are still working, No1 is undergoing repairs at the moment and No3 is used sometimes.

  3. your painting has clearly captured the maritime museum, and is more expressive than the photograph

    1. Thanks for that anon, you reminded me to put the finished picture up, never really sure what expressive means in this sort of context, I was just trying to get as close as I could to what it looks like.

      I think there is something about pictures copied from photos that I don't like as much as the ones drawn from life, lensy perhaps.


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