Monday, 1 April 2013

Kick on the toe for being a slow fool.

What with the clocks changing, on one occasion years ago I put the clocks the wrong way and arrived for work two hours early, children ad suchlike I didn’t get time to do an april fool this morning.

First the boring bit, unless you run a local blog, here are my referral stats for last month

Back to the april fool I did consider saying that one of the exhibits at The Turner Contemporary had been discovered to be a fake, but didn’t fancy getting sued, so instead a picture courtesy of the gallery of one of their leading exhibits at the moment.

Image credit Carl Andre, Timber Piece, Museum Ludwig Courtesy of Rheinisches Bildarchiv Köln, rba_c024180 

There was also the possibility of suggesting they were going to paint the gallery a different colour, however having viewed their latest video, it looks like it will be red and green.

Did anyone understand this video, perhaps it is an april fools joke?

My children needed an explanation here it is

Having discussed this business with various scientists that I know and why there would be this collaboration between the arts and sciences, producing the useful information that – for instance – while copper looks sort of brown it is actually green, the scientific answer can be summed up thus: Acute skintitus down graduate lane – there is scientific research at the moment looking at the huge amounts of funding associated with contemporary art.    


  1. I have created a Carl Andre lookalike piece for my garden, i think I will name it "Logs for the fire"

  2. what was wrong with the video Michael I found it ok just a collection of bits I see nothing to label it a April fool joke. maybe you are better suited to that awful song I couldn't say half of those words let alone sing them, mind you I wish he had never recorded it.

    1. Don perhaps it was just me who didn’t understand it, anyway I have put up the pictures of my walk today which I hope you enjoy.


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