Monday, 8 April 2013

Sign of the times, KCC and a sort of guileless Monday madness from them and a rant from me.

Living and working in the town centre these days is interesting, in the may you live in interesting times, curse type of thingy.

The most interesting aspect is a combination of the previous Labour government's 24 hour licensing and the previous Conservative TDC administration's method of interpreting licensing, particularly when applied to late night - 4am - takeaways, and of course the lack of town centre policing (this end of King Street doesn't count as town centre anymore) means that much of the time between about 8pm and 4am is an uncontrolled drunken riot.

Enter into this a five foot high temporary metal sign, partially blocking the pavement, catching the legs of passers by and making the progress between busses and lorries, er interesting.

If you look at this photo you will see that there are already two permanent signs, which should tell motorists that they are entering a one way street, as it is they have both been modified by the inebriate so neither of them achieve anything.

What the drunkard will do with this latest addition is pretty obvious, not such a big worry for me though, once when I had something like this come through a plate glass window at 2am I used to call the police. However In an effort to improve the crime statistics the police have now developed a regime that means I no longer call them (no one likes to be woken by the police at 4 having boarded up a window at 2 and gone back to bed, even if they offer you victim counseling the next day) and I have had the shop window panes changed from two big ones to 16 little ones.

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