Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Postman Always Rings Twice; no longer just a bookseller’s dilemma

One april fool that never goes away is that from the first of April the cost of postage goes. What? Well not down; of that you can be sure. My family have had bookshops all my life and the posting of books has always been a factor, but nowadays with everyone doing a bit of Ebay, I guess everyone is affected.

This April we have the complication of two extra sizes for UK post, all very complicated.

I guess in a way all of this isn’t too bad if you only have a few items to post, however if you are looking for some approximate idea of the cost of posting something a guesstimate if you like, it gets more difficult every April.   

Here are the beginnings of our table.

Letter 24cm/16.5cm/0.5cm
Weight         Price Includes postcards.
Up to 100g     60p            £1.70

Large letter 35.3cm/25cm/2.5cm
Weight         Price
Up to 100g     90p            £2.00
101-250g     £1.20            £2.30
251-500g     £1.60            £2.70
501-750g     £2.30            £3.40

Small Parcels 45cm/35cm/8cm AND 16cm/16cm/16cm AND roll/cylinder L=45cm,

Weight         Price
0-1kg         £3.00            £4.10
1-2kg         £6.85            £7.95

Medium Parcels 61cm/46cm/46cm
Weight         Price
0-1kg         £5.65            £6.75
1-2kg         £8.90            £10.00
2-5kg         £15.10            £16.20
5-10kg         £21.25            £22.35
10-20kg     £32.40            £33.50

Large Parcels 1.5m/3m/3m


To be honest we don’t sell that many books via the internet, if we put all the good stock in the bookshop for sale online, there wouldn’t be any point in having the shop, what we do put for sale on the internet tends to be both obscure and expensive. The exception here being the local books we publish ourselves. This means that apart from the local books it all goes recorded, hence the second line of figures.     

Today's lunchtime photos from my phone https://plus.google.com/photos/103118335852639233427/albums/5862265186102393089?banner=pwa


  1. Sent off a fairly large packet today and in fact, the cost was less than anticipated. The lady who served my husband was getting very tired of explaining that 'recorded' is now a defunct term and is now in fact 'signed for'. Semantics or what?

  2. GREAT NEWS TO HEAR THAT RS is finally a goer


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