Saturday, 9 May 2015

UKIP take overall control at TDC

Firstly let me offer my congratulations to all of our new councillors and I guess the real advantage here is that after years of people saying that TDC needs a good clearout it most certainly has.

So here are our new councillors 

Election results by party
Party nameSeats won% of votes
 Conservative Party Candidate1831%
 The Labour Party Candidate212%
 Labour Party212%
 Independent Group11%
 Green Party02%
 Liberal Democrats0< 1%
 The Green Party0< 1%
 We Are The Reality Party0< 1%
 Thanet Independent Group0< 1%
 Liberal Democrat0< 1%
 Independent0< 1%
 Ramsgate First0< 1%
Election results graph

Election summary for Wards
WardsElected candidatesElected party or parties
Beacon Road WardJohn Buckley UKIP
Jenny Matterface The Labour Party Candidate
Birchington North WardKeith Dean Coleman-Cooke Conservative Party Candidate
Simon Nicholas Day Conservative Party Candidate
Birchington South WardSuzanne Brimm UKIP
Glenn Patrick Dean Coleman-Cooke UKIP
Alan John Howes UKIP
Bradstowe WardBill Hayton Conservative Party Candidate
David Andrew Parsons Conservative Party Candidate
Central Harbour WardPeter Alan Campbell Labour Party
Beverly Martin UKIP
Trevor Shonk UKIP
Cliffsend and Pegwell WardBrenda Marilyn Rogers Conservative Party Candidate
John Townend UKIP
Cliftonville East WardLesley Ann Game Conservative Party Candidate
Edward Jaye-Jones UKIP
Chris Wells UKIP
Cliftonville West WardJulie Dellar UKIP
Emma Hillman UKIP
Linda Potts UKIP
Dane Valley WardRosamund Dixon UKIP
Gary William Hillman UKIP
Gary James Taylor UKIP
Eastcliff WardJanet Falcon UKIP
Sarah Larkins UKIP
Hunter Stummer-Schmertzing UKIP
Garlinge WardJonathan Hugh Curran Conservative Party Candidate
John Dennis UKIP
Kingsgate WardBob Bayford Conservative Party Candidate
Margate Central WardJeffrey Elenor UKIP
Iris Johnston The Labour Party Candidate
Nethercourt WardLin Fairbrass UKIP
Jeremy Fairbrass UKIP
Newington WardMo Leys UKIP
Vince Munday UKIP
Northwood WardKonnor Collins UKIP
Stuart Piper UKIP
Helen Smith UKIP
Salmestone WardRobin Edwards UKIP
Peter Kenneth Evans UKIP
Sir Moses Montefiore WardTerry Connor UKIP
Michelle Fenner Labour Party
St Peters WardRoy Dexter Conservative Party Candidate
Ian Gregory Conservative Party Candidate
Jason Savage Conservative Party Candidate
Thanet Villages WardDerek Morris Crow-Brown UKIP
Ken Gregory Conservative Party Candidate
Bob Grove Independent Group
Viking WardDavid William Harry Saunders Conservative Party Candidate
Mave Saunders Conservative Party Candidate
Rosanna Theresa Daphne Taylor-Smith Conservative Party Candidate
Westbrook WardAsh Ashbee UKIP
Mick Tomlinson Conservative Party Candidate
Westgate-on-Sea WardSamantha Bambridge Conservative Party Candidate
Bertie James Braidwood UKIP
Carol Partington Conservative Party Candidate


  1. So Labour councillors paid the price for running a secretive council that often tried to outsmart the public. But in the end it was the public that outsmarted them. Even many Conservative, Independents and Conservative cum UKIP were also rejected for being tainted with the toxic council. A few did slip through but its now up to UKIP to establish a new fresh leadership that is not in anyway associated with the old council. They must establish a transparent open council that starts to build the councils reputation again, listen to the public and take TDC forward.


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