Friday, 10 July 2015

Manston cpo gets kicked into the log grass or the very long grass by TDC another art lesson and some progress with my painting of Ramsgate.

When I went to York Street Gallery in Ramsgate to photograph the latest exhibition for the blog post about it, see John Hawke the artist was there.

His paintings are very highly detailed, and have something of a three dimensional quality which I felt my painting lacked.

So I handed him my painting asked him what to do about it, he was very helpful, and I have started on the improvements.

So the modification that I started on this morning are, in the green circles little black lines around the tops and the side the sun is coming from on the windows, in the red circle little black lines on side the sun is coming from under eaves, in the blue circle more wash on the front of the scaffolding with a sharp line where it stops at the side of the scaffolding, and in the purple circles making the cars more three dimensional.

So here is the same photo of the painting of Ramsgate after this mornings work, without the circles.

and here it is before, sorry about the overall different colour, I think the camera lied. 

On to Manston, the cabinet agenda has been published, see so no option to start a cpo only one so the council spends another £10,000 pounds of our money getting outside experts to check an indemnity partner, that outside experts have already rejected.

In all this there is no plan to save the airport as a cpo supported by RiverOak will result in then building an airfreight hub and aircraft scrapping facility that we can't fly from and not a regonal airport serving East Kent.   

The problems for those supporting the saving Manston airport are.

1 Even if the cpo happens there will be no passenger airport.

2 Officers will only put options on the table for cabinet to vote for that don't put the council in an impossible position, because ultimately the liability lies with the council and not the councillors.

Councillors could get elected on the basis that they would front scientific company that could improve the local climate, I guess if pushed officers would spend up to about £50,000 checking the company out. However we seemed to have reached the point where the discovery that the scientific company hasn’t managed to improve the climate elsewhere, works from one small rented office, is fronted by an ex solicitor who was struck off for misappropriating clients funds, well it's all starting to mount up. I anything ever happens I would say a freight hub pretty much equates to turning Thanet in to a desert, and the possibility of passenger flights at some time in the future equates to you may get the odd nice summers day in the middle of winter.       

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  1. Interesting stuff, Michael. I doubt if the pro-Airport lobby will take any of it on board. They only seem to pick up on what supports their case and ignore everything else (i.e. the facts). I've always found it funny that they insist on waving Union flags around when what they're effectively trying to do is take a British airport away from its lawful British owners and hand it over to a dubious American company.


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