Thursday, 9 July 2015

Painting, drawing and book buying in Whitstable after a day of crime in Ramsgate and some photos of Whitstable.

Having arrived in Whitstable around 8am and wandered around the market buying a few books for my bookshop I looked for somewhere in the harbour area where I could get a coffee and paint a picture, preferably with the Themes Barge in it.

At this point a pneumatic drill started in the harbour area, so I wandered around the corner and got a coffee at Elliott’s in Harbour Street.

I painted a view of Harbour Street Whitstable from Elliott’s, I guess I was at it for about an hour when I realised I was hogging rather a large table, so sorry no people in the watercolour.

Elliott’s Costal Kitchen is somewhere I would recommend, here is their website

I wandered around Whitstable buying a few books until lunchtime, when it comes to lunch the aspiring artist has to find a view from a seat in the shade with the sun behind them, and as Whitstable is fairly busy, somewhere where I am not hogging the last table.

The solution turned out to be The Horsebridge Arts andCommunity Centre

I positioned myself at a table on the balcony, with a coke and excellent cheese sarni. I will be back and will do the view again.

The sketch didn’t go well, first I had a great deal of difficulty drawing a circle, Zizzi sign on the left. 

Then time started running out, I have to be back in Ramsgate for when my children come out of school, I tried to paint the lampposts when the sky and the side of a building was still wet, anyway I ran away with the painting unfinished.

Sorry there was no progress on the Ramsgate painting this morning, my children had to be up earlier than usual, and after delivering them I went straight on to Whitstable.

On yes my life of crime, after painting at The Oak yesterday I completely forgot to pay for my drink.

Here are the photos of Whitstable I took today. 

finally the books I bought in Whitstable for my bookshop in Ramsgate, if you click on the picture it should get big enough to read the book titles.

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  1. I appeal to Chris Wells as I know he reads this blog and it would be nice to see his views on a open and public forum. I have long thought that TDC's/MP's stance on a CPO of manston to be a empty threat hoping the owners would put plans to counter any CPO threat, this seems to have worked but now with Osborne planning to change the planning law to boost house-building and Manston being a huge brownfield site, I wonder if we could have assurances from Mr Wells that his council will procrastinate no further and get this development underway ASAP. There is not a sensible in the whole world, who thinks a CPO on that site would be possible.


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