Thursday, 2 July 2015

Painting of Margate Museum from Cupcake Café in Margate Old Town, a few books for my bookshop and some development in Westgate that seems to have stuck in the mud.

Here is the Painting of Margate Museum from Cupcake Café in Margate Old Town

Two photos for art critics, it was the window frame of the cafe that made it go a bit pear shaped, honest guv and guvess.
Cupcake Cafe in Margate Old Town, excellent pot of tea and 'am sarni, toast and jam, apple juice, goodness if the post goes on like this i will be doing the nine and a half weeks song.

 I bought a few books for my bookshop in Ramsgate on the way round, ferry useful.

 Looking through Westgate's gates
the view has all of the look of lower pending

If you are geographically disadvantaged this is all over the road from Beano sic livery stables  

So guess which artist inspired me to paint Margate Museum today?

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