Friday, 5 May 2017

Underpinning Ramsgate harbour pier head another old pictures, Thoughts on the election

Thanet representation at county council level has gone from UKIP to Conservative and I do hope this means that we will get a proportion of cabinet representation of Thanet KCC councillors that relate in some way to the Thanet population. I did a post about this recently, see

The most interesting result was probably the one in my own ward, one Labour and one Conservative:-
Karen Constantine            Labour            3200            18%            Elected
Paul Joesph Messenger            Conservative   3168            17%            Elected
Raushan Ara            Labour            3145            17%            Not elected
Marc Rattigan            Conservative   2945            16%            Not elected

At district council level Thanet remains UKIP until the district elections in 2019.

I suppose this means that the general election (parliament) soon here in Thanet South will be very much a two horse race although I think the electoral boundary changes make this a safe Conservative seat now, rather than the marginal it used to be.

UKIP were about 7% behind, so not really a vote of no confidence in the current administration at TDC and I think in all fairness they haven’t really done any worse than the recent TDC Conservative and Labour administrations did. 

The worst of the TDC disasters being Pleasurama and still a disaster, with the old let Manston and Port Ramsgate become transport hubs for the local area being a bit of a misnomer and bleeding away money and resources to no obvious advantage.

My own take is that the diesel car particulates iceberg tip really does seem to be saying that a freight hub, air or sea involves fessing up to how many of your voters you intend it to kill, answer to the nearest thousand please. Of course someone may have an answer to this one, found a hole in what I worked out, but this is looking increasingly unlikely. Interesting times ahead for anything burning the diesel kerosene end of the petrochemical spectrum and interestingly a lot of the biofuel too.

Within the whole area of democracy an interesting area will be the business of ITC allowing people to make decisions without really needing a representative to make the decisions for them. I wonder which will be the first region in the world to be governed by the use of an app.

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  1. what will happen to the police investigation on the thanet tory MPs if they get reelected


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