Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Around 200 out and about photos of Ramsgate today and some shops and shopping thoughts.

Links to the photos first

Watching a charity shop volunteer today, who I think was a considerable age, fighting with a touch screen till that would have defeated many a 20 year old geek and considering that in the commercial world it just wouldn’t be viable to pay someone a living wage to waste a large proportion of their worktime I wondered just where the world of shops is heading.

As you can see I have been out learning more about how to use the Nikon P90 bridge camera, I think it will be some time before I naturally get the horizon horizontal, mainly because I mostly take snapshots. What I mean by this is that out and about I mostly set cameras on automatic, with the focus set on landscape and either don’t stop walking or stop very briefly to take the photos.

This sort of develops, as you get used to a camera, to snapping what interests you eye. If the light is fairly good then I seldom use a DSLR because it is the type of camera most emulated by mobile phone cameras. Based on the SLR film camera which came along because they fitted 35mm movie film the SLR concept is better suited to film than a digital sensor.    

My underlying idea here is to produce strips of pictures which would have been difficult or impossible to take with your phone.  

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