Saturday, 19 May 2018

What about the other side of Ramsgate's fully licenced roof garden and stuff

I think from the lighting diorama thingys on the harbour arm this dates fro around the Festival of Britain so early 1950s. I do think Wetherspoons may be missing a trick here.

 this one has a postmark for 1922 so the photo must date from before then

Not sure that there is much to say blog wise at the moment, none of the main local stuff is
going very quickly at the moment. Pleasurama isn't going anywhere although there have
been some assurances of a start later in the year. Manston, well the DCO certainly changed
the administration from UKIP to Conservative at TDC, whether that was the intention
all along is anybody's guess.

I am all set up for blogging this summer which is really about mobile technology something
I have made managed to get rightish for now.

The two main toys seem to perform adequately, the main problem I have with the
Nikon P90 camera being sloping horizons. The main problem with the Oukitel K 3 phone
is that it isn’t very good at recognising my fingerprint and the camera is a bit average.
But frankly as the whole kit, new price of phone and secondhand price of camera woul
d be under £200 I am convinced that I couldn’t have done much better.

Here is the link to today’s camera photos I have
the camera set on a fairly small file size of 1 Megapixel which suites internet publishing of
moderate zoom pictures, stuff like boats on the sea. Here is the link to a few phone pictures
from the last few days

The point for me is I can do an entire blog like this from my phone while out and about.

In fact this post was done using both the laptop and the phone, the duel keyboard
facility on the phone, bluetooth and virtual with auto correct and voice recognition
on being my preferred input option.

unusual issue with copy and paste of text from Google Drive to Google blogger
which I will need to sort out for phone posting

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