Sunday, 6 May 2018

Old Ramsgate, Margate and Broadstairs photos, photos of the Wetherspoon effect in Ramsgate today, photos and painting in Canterbury today.

 Pictures will expand if you click on them. This one postmarked 1907 shows the Granville with the tower reduced in height - this happened in around 1901 - but with the chimney stacks still at the same height that the tower was.

 Not Dickens week but Broadstairs in 1913
 This is the building of the viaduct in Margate Road Ramsgate, work which included the closing of the two existing stations, the joining of the two lines which had belonged to two different railway companies.
 The postmark on this Broadstairs one says 1925, so the photo would have been taken before then.

The outside areas of all of the bars that are open totally packed, Wetherspoons, the ones along the cafe culture.

Inside Wetherspoons was pretty full too
I didn't go inside the others and take a photo, but glancing inside they all seemed pretty packed.

At the moment Wetherspoons in Ramsgate is using the staff from the Burgate one in Canterbury that is closed for refurbishment - what happens when it reopens and whether they will expand in to the rest of The Royal Victoria Pavilion is anyone's guess.

With the camera I am using on any given day, today a Nikon P90, I am just cuting and pasting everything on the camera card directly to the internet. I think the idea is that at some later date I will have the time to go back and edit them.

This is the link to the ones I took in Canterbury today


This is the link to the photos I took in Ramsgate today

watercolour wise well the Canterbury breakfast one that I worked on was mostly the sign on Cafe Chambers painted from outside Chocolate cafe. The technique here is to write the lettering on in pencil then paint around the pencil writing with watercolour then rub out the pencil.

Later on over a chocolate Muffin for tea I did a bit more to this one
The idea here is something along the lines of painting the same view at different times and from slightly different places may move towards representing separate realities or something both deep and meaningless.

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