Sunday, 20 May 2018

Canterbury of our Grandfathers and 1927 and 1948 or possibly great grandfathers grandfather

I was off painting and bookbuying in Canterbury, some people would call it a day off and others work, whatever it was I have a pile of books to show for it and over the next few days the photos of them will appear like the ones that were priced and put away yesterday on the bookshop blog. Here is the link to yesterdays

In the sense of coals and Newcastle, one of the books I bought today was about Canterbury and once I have enjoyed it, learnt a bit more about Canterbury I will probably sell it in my bookshop to one of my customers from Canterbury.

I would do a reprint of it but think part of it is still in copyright, it is a bit difficult to tell what’s what as the edition I have is the 1948 revision of the 1927 edition with a lot of the book focused on around 1850, gramps.

Anyway here are some pictures of pages from the book

I did a bit more to two of the watercolours that I am painting from Chocolate Café, although it may be a bit of a case of spot the difference.

I have a fairly long association with Canterbury having worked there in about 1970 and for a long time it has been my closest shopping town, although recently the town main shops I used, Chromos the artist’s materials shop and the St Margaret’s St Waterstones – sometime the largest bookshop in east Kent, have both closed.  


  1. Hi Michael. Many thanks for your thanetonline blogs, fast becoming a daily must-read. I can relate to your camera adventures but this is a suggestion that your readers may be interested [as I am] in discovering your process and sequences for publishing your own local history books.
    From concept to typesetting, through proof reading and editing to the actual print run, binding and pricing. Well it would be change from commercials for Wetherspoon, shots of cholesterol laden breakfasts and downloads of unedited camera cards, Sincere regards. Colin

  2. Ah Colin a tricky one, virtually every book has had a different process, I'll see what I can do.


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