Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Some Dreamland pictures. A few oldish pictures of margate and Ramsgate

A few pictures of Ramsgate and Margate from autumn 2012 apropos of nothing very much. I suppose the whole business of getting the various bits of tec sorted out for the summer, means that while going through everything I notice stuff that either I had forgotten or that just interests me.
 October 2012

 Nov 2012

Some old Dreamland pictures from the Mick Twyman collection, I think I may have publised some of these recently here, if so apologies

And Later, only six years ago on the Dreamland site here is the link Margate funfair 2012

Christ Church Westgate on Sea

Oh yes, where was I? Tuning up my tec, hopefully to give everyone a better blogging experience. this boils down to, Cameras, phone and computers. So computer wise, laptop and desktop are just about hanging in there, never enough power for the images I process and of course the main computer I use is the one I have never seen that belongs to Google and I access via the internet.

The reason for this is that I have an Android phone and tablet, the other options Apple and Windows phones I have never explored. I suppose the main restriction has been having four children and going through a period where they all needed phone, laptop and tablet and for the most part this equipment needs to be up to date, with my wife this makes six lots of tec kit.

Anyway I have been looking at the various options and considering the various issues when using what boils down to internet storage. On the whole nothing woks perfectly and within the Google product range there are compatibility issues. 

For example, if I write this post in MS Word and copy it into the Google Blogger post editor, for the most part things work and look fine. However if I write this post in Google Docs on Google Drive then it won't paste in properly and it won't look good.

It does beg the question, is there anyone working at Google who uses Google products to write a blog?

Looking at this picture of Harbour Parade Ramsgate around 1880 you may notice that some attempt has been made to tie poles to what are either the sides of ladders of poles used as fenders - I think this is an attempt to form a railing to help stop people from falling in the harbour.

Here are the pictures of the books we put out yesterday 

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