Thursday, 3 May 2018

An expensive pint in Wetherspoons in Whitstable, bookbuying, local pictures, ramble.

Having bought a good batch of books in Herne Bay this morning, it was on to Oxford Street Books in Whitstable this is good midday destination for us as we can park in the car park get a drink and use the loos in Wetherspoons, do Oxford Street books next door, get lunch in Wetherspoons, do the rest of the shops in Whitstable in fact something of a busman’s day off.

Normally I would say that Wetherspoons is going to be pretty competitive on the price of a pint

But not a pint of milk

Oxford Street Books have had something of a revamp with the rest of the cellar now opened up, making the shop around the same size (in terms of the numbers of shelves of books) of our bookshop here in Ramsgate.
Here are some photos of this part of the bookshop

Back To Wetherspoons for lunch

Which was the usual very good value, which is normal for Wetherspoons

Camera wise today I used the Canon PowerShot S3 IS, this is the smallest of my bridge cameras, (the Pentax in the picture is a conventional DSLR for size comparison} fitting comfortably into the average pocket. Like all digital cameras it has its good points and bad points and my choice in cameras for blogging along with the phone camera is based on a mixture of cost and results.

One of the most important things for me in a camera is that it has a conventional viewfinder, so I can adjust it to my eyesight and see both what I am taking photos of and read the menus without glasses in bright sunlight.

Here is the link to the content of the camera card for today  the pictures in the body of this post being taken with my Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus phone. Another compromise between cost and perfection, this phone is particularly good at connecting, phone signal, wifi, Bluetooth and the camera is just reasonable.

Anyway I copied some old local pictures with the phone camera

Tea at Whitstable Castle, so all round a pleasant excursion, I enjoy visiting bookshops and of course working in my own bookshop, here is the link to the books we put out yesterday

The weather looks as though it will be reasonably OK for the bank holiday weekend, painting and bookshops for me I hope 

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  1. If you come to Faversham we have a good 2nd hand bookshop in West Street,tiny but worth a visit


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