Saturday, 12 May 2018

Art in Margate today, Antony Giles in Pie Factory a ramble and some photos

First the Antony Giles exhibition, which was the high point of the day, this only runs until Wednesday.

I went to Margate today, I suppose you deduced that.

 Sos, egg, chips and bacon in Turner Contemporary

A wet day in Margate, there is a fairly well known historic photo of a wet day in Margate, so I had a go with my mobile phone.

Here it is - I couldn't get the audience onto the stage as it was too Brecht.

Turner Contemporary art gallery is between exhibitions at the moment, this means that people who have turned up at the gallery to do. What? Perhaps say contemporary art is a load of rubbish, finding there is no contemporary art, put themselves in wosisname, checkmate - perhaps. Various levels of people pretending they aren't here/there by accident has and appeal.

    I daubed away at my watercolour mopping up the ambience in the cafe until the rain abated.

 On to the Bank Bookshop where they have removed about a third of the bookcases and seem to be going into the picture business
 Is it art I ask?

On to Hooked on Books as the chap who works there used to work here.

On to Henrys which is having a long closing down sale

where the Henrys showed me a picture of when it was Reeves

 Reeves in Margate not only had a mobile stage
They also had a wosisname

Margate fascinates me, always has since I worked there in the 1970s. I really was an unsuitable day for snapshot camera photography but here is the link to the photos on my camera card 

There may be a moral here about taking your toy duck out and sailing too close to Mr Gormley

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