Thursday, 26 November 2009

Pictures of Canterbury

We went to Canterbury today mainly to buy shoes as we couldn’t find the ones we wanted in

I have just dumped the whole of what was in the camera card onto the internet with my usual slash and burn approach to internet publishing.

Some of the pictures were taken yesterday in Ramsgate some in the car going to Canterbury and coming back and the rest in Canterbury.

One reason I snap away like this is that my children like to know where we have been on our day off.

Lunch in the Restaurant at the top of the Fenwick store, an excellent hot turkey sandwich but no Wi Fi something that makes me think some of the big stores have some catching up to do on that one.

Here are the links to the pictures.

The pictures, about 450 I think, are going up as I write so you may have to wait for some of them.


  1. Thanks for pics, Michael. Interesting how Thanet Earth planting and screening plans seem a little thin and how it stands as an industrial site as a blot on the landscape. Some TDC Planning enforcement needed in regard to the original plans?

  2. Bertie I nearly didn’t include the snaps taken in the car something I did really for my children, but once again I have had more people telling me to bung the whole lot up.

    If you ever discover someone doing something similar please let me know, as I could do with something to compare what I am doing with.

    With Thanet Earth I am much more concerned about the unnecessary use of prime agricultural land, the effects on the drinking water aquifer and the use of our already contaminated water for such intensive growing, than the look of the thing.

    Having looked at the pictures for the first time on the big hd monitor in the shop I have to concede that you do have something of a point though.

  3. How is it "unnecessary use of prime agricultural land" if they're growing crops? If anything they're getting more out of the land, as it can be used all year round.

  4. 12.34 when someone scrapes of the soil and concretes over acres of farmland to grow hydrophobicly (without soil) something they could have done on land that has already been spoilt, what do you call it.

    When they do this on top of the land where our drinking water is collected, so that the water can no longer be collected there and they say this is ok because they will use the water collected from the roofs for irrigation, something they could just as easily have done elsewhere, do you not start to smell a rat.

  5. 19.45 Sorry about that you can put it down to Terry Pratchett, every time I look at the place I think of the hydrophobic wizzards.

    And before you say anything the double z is just a bit of Rincewind.


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