Tuesday, 23 April 2013

JWM Turner is 238, The turner Contemporary is 2 St George is 1738 the Dragon is probably a lot older, happy birthday

A watercolour and pencil sketch to celebrate Turner’s, The Turner Contemporary’s, St George's and of course the dragon’s birthday, how exactly Margate could celebrate this eluded me for a moment.

I guess the town of Dreamland and the dragon are all much of a muchness, when it comes down to mythology it is difficult to be in the wrong.


  1. I read online that people were accusing SFP of having no construction experience. A simple search of the internet reveled this to be a popular myth:

    1. Wrong firm anon the Royal Sands developer is SFP Ventures UK, the website is for a Birmingham builder called SFP Construction, I don’t think they are a limited company. When I last checked there were several UK firms called SFP including two limited companies called SPF CONSTRUCTION (BRIDGEND) LTD and SPF CONSTRUCTION LTD neither of which are related to your Birmingham builder or our Pleasurama developer.

  2. Ithink you need to realise when someone's pulling your chain

  3. Yes Michael perhaps you should have asked Mrs Tara Plumbing for some industry guidance.

  4. Anon all of the comment that I have ever received here or giving some credence to SFP actually being a developer have been both anonymous and with no connection to any real developments, as far as I can see they all fall into the humorous bracket.

    Perhaps you should watch the council video where Alan Poole lists some or their achievements for another humorous aside to the Pleasurama fiasco.

  5. Michael,

    Those two anonymous post was the usual suspect attempting to bait you. He makes a daft post then later answers himself in order to make out that he is a member of a group.

  6. Well said Michael. Is Sean Keegan also Shaun Keegan. Or does Shaun turn up at site guised as a pile driving foreman as a sort of dopple ganger ? "Ah begorrah construction experience man and boy. I even have a Painter viewing the site with me so it is. We have tried to get a Driver on the books but without success. The plan all along has been to get the site finished by November 1st to 10th (Geddit). If we liquidate could use the SFP property and construction receivership company (not related)" Humour done to death over


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