Saturday, 27 May 2017

Margate Bank Holiday May Saturday 2017 Toast Turner Contemporary and Dreamland photos

I went to Margate today mainly to visit the new Turner Contemporary exhibition and to look at the newly reopened Dreamland.

I enjoyed both, so several significant art exhibitions in Turner Contemporary, Dreamland and Margate Old Town, I will try and do some sort of write up on them eventually. I particularly enjoyed the Michael Armitage exhibition in Turner Contemporary with its strong Impressionist influences both in style and colours and the Barry Kirk exhibition at Dreamland.

Here are the photos I too today, unedited from my camera card pasted straight onto my website.

As I arrived just before 10, the storm clouds were brewing

I got to the Turner Contemporary Café just in time, and this time I did get tea and toast for breakfast

Note the inverted Turner

note the toast

This lot is the Michael Armitage exhibition

more gallery

these were taken waling to Dreamland

next the Dreamland photos

and more Dreamland

this lot over lunch

and this lot back in the gallery café

Friday, 26 May 2017

Out and about in Ramsgate this morning photos

Here are the links to the photos all part of my experiments to put a lot of pictures online easily, note the funny lines on the images because the compression algorithm is wrong

Morning photos

More morning photos

and here is the link to the photos as they were, should be, if you want the best quality click on the image to open it then clcik on the three little dots, top right and the click on download.

Morning photos better quality

This is maximum zoom

this is taken from the same place with no zoom

now the other 300 photos I took today

Some more this afternoon 

first lot of evening photos 

second lot of evening photos

latest book arrivals in Ramsgate 

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Ramsgate Out And About Photos Cameras and Stuff

Ok in the first instance it is getting a bit hot so first some Ramsgate snow photos

Out and about photos in Ramsgate this morning

This sort of thing is always a bit embarrassing, but a great load of rather pedestrian photos from me again.

When you see a man with a long lens, just which part of his anatomy do you think he is compensating for in – loose toys in the attic terms?

Anyway for one reason or another I bought another camera yesterday and am now trying to work out how it works. For those of a technical disposition this is a very old secondhand digital camera called a Canon PowerShot S3IS (popular in 2006) but suitable for aspects of publishing a lot of photos to the world wide wosisname, with minimal effort.

and some old local pictures 

The Broadstairs photo is May 2012 here is the link to the rest of them

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Ramsgate micropub loses licence, pictures of the funfair on the Pleasurama Site

This is from Policing News 

A micropub in Ramsgate has been forced to close after it broke its licence agreement by trading outside of its designated hours.

The Ravensgate Arms in King Street was found by Kent Police officers to be trading more than three hours later than its licence permits on Saturday 18 March 2017.

When officers revisited a week later it was also discovered that the free house was showing unregulated entertainment and was still open outside of regulations.


Officers called for a review of the pub’s licence, which was heard at a licensing sub-committee hearing at Thanet District Council on Tuesday 17 May 2017.

After hearing the evidence from all parties the council decided to revoke the pub’s licence, which will mean closure unless the business challenges the decision within 21 days of the hearing.

Police Licensing Enforcement Officer, PC Darren Dennett, said:
‘A licence should be fully supported and followed and in this case it was not. There was no urgency to resolve the breaches and as a result this pub has lost its licence.

‘We work closely with the council on this type of issue and as Ramsgate starts to regenerate we welcome new businesses. However it is key that the licensing objectives that the council sets out are followed, if not then businesses will be challenged.

‘Kent Police will not tolerate irresponsible drinking, which can lead to crime and anti-social behaviour. The public can be reassured that officers will continuously monitor licenced premises in the area.’

A Thanet District Council spokesman said:
‘The Ravensgate Arms has a strong community following in Ramsgate and it is regrettable that the actions of the licence holders have led to this outcome. However, we remain open to working with the owners and licensees to offer advice and support.

‘Together with Kent Police, the council works hard to ensure licence conditions for premises across Thanet are adhered to in order to prevent instances of public nuisance, crime and disorder, and to protect public safety. Any breaches in these conditions are taken very seriously.’

The funfair on the Pleasurama Site photos

Click here and click here and click here  for them

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Arts and whatnot out and about photos in Ramsgate today and Ramsgate Margate and Broadstairs in May 2010

Had lunch at Coco Latino in Ramsgate today here is their Facebook page good place for a drink or food on a nice day like today, here is their tripadvisor wosisname

I started painting the arch, a bit of an acute angle, so I doubt the painting will come to anything.

Here is the link 110 photos taken in Ramsgate today you will be glad to know they are all one page so you can get through the quickly.

And here are some Ramsgate photos I took in May 2010

Ok ok some May 2010 Broadstairs pictures too

And some May 2010 Margate pictures

Here is the link to the books that went out on the shelves in my bookshop on Saturday

Finally click here for today's phone photos

Saturday, 20 May 2017

No Toast at Turner Contemporary, watercolour paining in Margate, lunch in Morgan's and the gallery with the amazing art in glass and the silver castings of insects.

I decided to go off to Margate and paint today, this decision mainly based on the weather being a bit uncertain, the Pilgrim's Hospice Bookshop having run out of the leaflet I produce about Margate history and the bookshops in Thanet.

The weather thing is difficult if you want to paint, because so few cafés have a paintable view. Turner Contemporary Café has had a change of menu which makes it much less attractive to me for painting.

I have got the cuppa sorted there, I just ask them to take the mechanism out of a tea pot put a couple of bags of PG in it and add hot water. This works in almost every place I go to as the staff drink an ordinary named make of tea.

I should stress here that this is 10am and the alternatives are English Breakfast, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Assam, Green Tea, Lapsang Souchong, Lemon, honey and crushed ginger tea Fresh mint tea Hibiscus and red berry tea.

Coffee makes me too excited and for me anything perfumed goes where the sun don’t shine. Turner Contemporary’s café website promises a bacon sarni, unfortunately they don’t do a bacon sarni.

The next option was Turner Hash this is, flightless bird embryos, minced organs in intestine skins, slices of hog flesh and boiled and fried roots or, as it is known in Margate patois, sos, egg, bacon and chips, the don’t do Turner Hash anymore.

Getting a bit desperate I said what about toast and marmalade, the answer, “we don’t do toast” defeated me.

I went without breakfast and painted for about an hour and a half on a pot of tea, they did have some food on display and while a few people came in and had a drink I didn’t see anyone else eat anything. The pictures are of their breakfast offering.

 I went off and delivered my leaflets, nattered to Garry who runs Hooked on Books bookshop in The High Street, decided I couldn’t face lunch menu changes at Turner Contemporary, what ever they may be and looked around for alternatives with a view. 

The weather being just about good enough to paint outside I tried Morgan’s which proved to be very good both in terms of value and quality, pot of tea, ham and mustard wrap £6.20.

I did do a sketch from the balcony of Morgan's 

A quick watercolour sketch of The Sands Hotel Margate form Morgan's balcony.

On to the gallery with the amazing glass and the tiny silver castings of insects, I forgot what this is called when I came to write the blog just now, didn’t know what to put into google and resorted to finding my previous blog post elecTic Art is well worth the journey to Margate for alone, and I strongly recommend you do go and visit it.

Blown glass and cast insects aren’t easy to photograph and my mobile phone is a cheap one, I did my best but the pictures really don’t do these artworks justice.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Pictures of Ellington Park Ramsgate

23 old ones and 4 newish ones probably around 2010 dating it from the very low aeroplane in the last one and trying to remember when we had the very low cargo planes over Ramsgate.

Not much went out in my bookshop today, here is the link