Saturday, 8 May 2010

1872 and 1849 street map of Ramsgate.

As many of you will know I published a copy of my 1849 map of Ramsgate at it’s a fairly good scan and as I have put it up as a series of pages, should you so wish you can right click on each of them, click on print picture, print them all out and stick them on your wall.
I have just done this with the 1872 map of Ramsgate at and am printing it out as I write, Phil published it at but I found it fairly difficult to copy and print from there. So many thanks to Phil for letting me republish it in this way.

This is part of the 1872 Ordinance Survey of Kent it says that it is 10.56 feet to one statute mile, if any of you come up with any of the missing pieces of what would make a truly remarkable jig saw puzzle please send them this way.
The Maps are fairly large files especially the 1849 one, if you think I should have put the 1872 one up bigger let me know and I will oblige.
To make the maps bigger or smaller press + or- while holding down Crtl use the arrow keys to navigate around.
Update I have just opened both maps in Firefox and I am afraid to say that they don’t display properly as they do in Internet Explorer. What happens is that all of the map sections appear beneath each other, instead of where they are supposed to, I had assumed that not putting breaks between the ones I wanted to appear next to each other would work for all browsers.

Any help on this one would be appreciated, I hardly ever use Firefox as there are difficulties when pasting from MS Word into Blogger when it is open in Firefox.
As I have said before I have to use Windows based programs as the secondhand book trade standard database, will only work in windows.


  1. Is this the map in waiting room of Daniel and Edwards Solicitors if so they seem to have it complete

    1. Don’t think so, I think theirs is a fairly modern map.

      The two maps in this post, the top one 1849 is complete and although Kent library service own a black and white one I think mine is the only coloured one.

      The lower one 1872 is the Ramsgate sheets from the ten foot to the mile survey of Kent so with Kent being about 50 miles across the complete map is about 500 feet wide, suggesting a rather large waiting room.


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