Thursday, 13 May 2010

Agreements reached between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats on a range of issues.

With all of the press coverage about the new coalition I thought I would publish the full text of the agreement between the two parties.

Click on the link for it

I am still trying to come to terms with what this new direction in British politics will mean in practice.


  1. I looked and was bored by end of first paragraph. I am now going to have a lay down in a darkened room and sip iced lemon tea until the will to live returns

  2. I think that the Libdems have pressed the self destruct button. At the next general election what will be the point of voting for them? I will be supprised if in the next local elections they get a look in. They wont attract any floating voters.

    Has anyone else noticed what a po-faced boring person the new schools minister Michael Gove appears to be. I just hope he has other qualities that will benifit the childen of this country. Maybe he needs a bit of training in humour and public speaking.

  3. Don I think they do this deliberately to stop us from reading these things.

    13.35, 5 years and 55% for a vote of no confidence does seem to be a bit hard to swallow I must admit, but even so I think people will vote at the next election based on the achievement of this government

  4. At local elections there is often an anti government vote. This was very apparent at last years KCC's election when the excesses and losses in Icelandic banks were ignored by the voters and Labour was almost wiped out. So if there is an anti government vote at the TDC election next year both the Conservatives and the LibDems will sufer. Its not as though the LibDems in Thanet are starting from a position of strength.


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