Friday, 21 May 2010

Thanet blogs and some Ramsgate pictures

Having just updated my little used blog Thanet Blogs
and considered the sanity of blogging, posting can become something of an addiction and I sometimes wonder if I post when I really haven’t got anything much to say.

At least this wasn’t the case over the last couple of days, I see the Gazette has published an article about the Pleasurama cliff façade repairs, I couldn’t find it on their website though.

They seem to be a lot more certain of their information than me, saying definitely that two more panels are bulging and going to be repaired.

Nothing about the maritime museum or the hijacking of the Little Ship Sundowner by TDC, as you see from today’s pictures both the steam tug Cervia and the maritime museum are adorned with flags for the Operation Dynamo commemorations so perhaps the situation there is better than I thought.

Anyway having deleted the dead blogs I had a trawl around for some new Thanet blogs, to replace the ones I had deleted, the criteria being that they must have local content and a reasonable amount of both posts and comments within the last month.

It would seem that local blogging is diminishing, if anyone has any ideas on this one please let me know.

A few thoughts on the pictures, first sorry the camera needs cleaning again, the pictures taken inside are of the Custom House where Ramsgate Town Council have taken up residence.

The Amco Express shop in Queen Street is to be a European supermarket, I am told it is owned by Poles, with the connivance store opening in the old Boots building last Mad Max’s in Harbour Street Ramsgate is getting rather a lot of food shops.

Here are the pictures


  1. Michael, Your Seagull picture is very good.

    I remember the old Boots store in Harbour street as 'Timothy Whites'. Boots later bought up the Timothy Whites chain.

  2. John the picture was pretty much all down to the seagull, it wasn’t even a telephoto shot.

    I believe the building in harbour street was originally built for Boots and later became Timothy Whites the Halfords. I will find a picture of it as Boots and use it to illustrate a future post.

  3. Think your comments interesting, but what has happened to the Amco store? looks like it has got no further.
    I understand tht the Maritime museum is still up for sale and the contents went to Margate and that museum closed. So much for our Royal Harbour Heritage.

  4. In reference to the amco store, It obviously opened in October/NOvember of last year, didnt seem to be doing very well and then there was a police raid in the early hours on Tuesday 18th Feb with three men caught covering the building in petrol with matches in their pockets, and since then it has closed down and remains shut, do you have any more information on this situation, as to why it remains shut.

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