Friday, 28 May 2010

Both of Ramsgate’s beaches have been named in the UK top 10.

Well that’s what it says on the Good Beach Guide website, I am not sure that this can be right, or even quite what it means click here to go to their website, just close the window asking you to fill in some sort of form.

Ramsgate’s main sands prime leisure site being a deserted building site for the last 12 years, just doesn’t fit with this evaluation.

Ramsgate’s are definitely two of the best beaches in the area despite the Pleasurama site at one and the lorry parking at the other, but no I have to say I am confused over this one.


  1. Sorry but even your obsession cannot detract from Ramsgate's jewel in the crown.

  2. Not me detracting from Ramsgate’s jewel Rear view mirror but the Pleasurama site, I am trying very hard with the council again this year to get temporary leisure use for the site, I have done this every year for the last five and managed to pull it once.

    The problem is that the councils stance for most of that time has been that building work is to start within weeks, perhaps this time they really will start building, but with no flood risk assessment and the proximity of the unsupported chalk cliff it seems unlikely.

  3. Re: Temporary leisure use for Pleasurama site.

    It might be the developers that you will need to talk to this year - now that TDC has sold them the leasehold interest in the Pleasurama site.

  4. Could be Gerald 199 years is a long time but I am assuming that the they only retain the lease if aspects of the work commence by some sort of series of scheduled dates, something I would imagine time is running out on.

    My understanding is that work should have started on the piling in January and be finished by August.

    Something somewhat ironic is that the first part of the development is supposed to be the hotel and Ramsgate’s only large modern hotel has just gone bankrupt.

  5. This survey seems only to be about water quality, not amenities.

    Though their website doesn't seem to list their criteria - beaches with tertiary discharge and/ or a combined sewer overflow can be 'recommended' which begs a question about any beach not recommended...

  6. Kevin, tertiary discharge is the discharge of water that has been treated by the sewage works, normally to a very high standard, this quality only normally falls when we get very high rainfall and the works can’t cope.

    A combined sewer overflow once again only normally comes into use during periods of high rainfall.

    There are about 22,000 sewer overflows around the UK coast and only a fraction are monitored to see how much sewage they are putting into the sea.

  7. Would hotel you refer to as going bankrupt be the one opposite the multi story car park? Just curious as I had it down as a possible place to stay when in Ramsgate.

  8. Pat M, yes that’s the one the receiver has already sold it, presumably to another hotel operator.

  9. Thankyou Michael.I await with interest as to what happens on that site....prominent position opposite the harbour etc.


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