Monday, 17 May 2010

Spitfire Hurricane Memorial Museum and Manston History Museum and West Bay

Having had a difficult weekend thus far it was our intention to take the children to Birchington and enjoy the gardens at Quex Park.

The idea being to go to West Bay near Birchington, get lunch at the café there and eat it watching the sea and then go on to Quex.

As soon as we arrived at West Bay it started to rain, so we ate inside the café, why the café there?

This one offers a mixture of reasonably good food that comes quickly, children’s food that children understand and eat, a bright airy non claustrophobic atmosphere, they allow dogs, there is a large fairly comfortable shelter adjacent where one can have a smoke without feeling like a third class citizen and excellent value for money.

I had sausage and chips, one child had a children’s portion of same, one child had a cheese and tomato sandwich with no butter as ordered, my wife had a Mars bar and some of our chips, two bottled Cokes both children had branded bottled drinks that they evidently understood, both children ate all of their food and were awarded branded ice creams of their choice, total cost £16.

Well you can see what I mean from the pictures at

Having decided that gardens were not on due to the rain we went on to do the museums at Manston, first The Spitfire Hurricane Memorial Museum this has free entry, toilets, baby change facilities and a cafeteria.

This museum takes about an hour to do, which is about how long we were there, the children weren’t bored, however they did buy a raffle ticket each, prizes included a flying lesson and a helicopter trip to a gourmet meal, so there may be some difficulties if they win.

The pictures of the museum are pretty self explanatory see

Then on to The Manston History Museum, entrance £1 adults and 50p for children over 5, this is a fairly large museum and takes about one and a half to two hours to do, once again we were there for about that time and the children didn’t get bored, they particularly liked the part that is set out as an air raid, with sound effects and lighting that my photographs don’t show properly.

Once again the photographs are fairly self explanatory see


  1. far too much salt on the kids chips!

  2. 12.25 Well spotted, I salted it out after I took the picture, the salt pot had about twelve holes instead of the usual one.

  3. and two pictures of gratuituous sex!

  4. I like the cafe at Manston haven't done the museums for ages. I like the cafe at west bay we go a couple a times during the year fro our beach hut at Westbrook. Last time we went round there a dog hitched a lift on my scooter much to his owners amusement.


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