Saturday, 26 April 2014

Ramsgate pen and ink drawing of Harbour Street from Corby's Tea Rooms

Drawing Harbour Street from Corby's Tea Rooms, which is in York Street, may seem a bit odd but this one, drawn this morning, is through the back door of Corby’s Tea Rooms looking across Albert Square at the back of Harbour Street. Oh well I suppose you either know Ramsgate fairly well or the sketch isn’t of much interest to you.

What can I say about Corby's Tea Rooms, clean, friendly, top quality, just about sums it up, here is what Trip Advisor has to say

What can I say about the sketch it took about half an hour, from about 8.30 to about 9am when I had to go off and open my bookshop, so I didn’t get time to colour it in.

Black Pitt Pen size S available from WH Smith, Hobbycraft, Ebay and so on for around £2.50 and lasts for about 500 A4 sketches like this, £2.99 sketch pad from The Works in Ramsgate Garden Centre, this is the black one with the elastic to keep it shut, 48 sheets of 150gsm paper, don’t get the one with the thinner paper. The big snag with pen and ink is no rubbing out, so if you lose concentration you ruin the whole sketch.  

For any aspiring art critics here is a photo of the view I drew.
Spot the mistakes


  1. Mullins restaurant in Margate Old Town is superb.

    1. What’s the view from the seats like John? I spend ages wandering around trying to find somewhere to sketch from when it isn’t good enough weather to sketch from outside, another issue which I get on Harbour Parade in Ramsgate is that during the before work period in the morning – from about seven when most places open to about nine, or quarter to in the case of Margate when I have to leave for work – is starting to sketch and then a van parking in front of me and obscuring the view. Basically any help finding places to early morning sketch from is always a great help.

    2. Michael,

      The view is not much. It overlooks the 'Old Pie Factory' opposite and a few shops.

      I agree with you about the parking along Harbour Parade where they occasionaly even double park.



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