Monday, 21 April 2014

Pen and Ink sketches of Canterbury today

Some drawings of Canterbury today, done with only a black Pitt pen size S.

These are done fairly quickly while the rest of my family engage in shopping, this one had to be finished very quickly, so the people are not very good I started drawing the buildings from the top in the middle of the picture working to the left, then the water tower and worked to the right, the bottoms being difficult because of the people in the way.

 This one hardly got started before I was summoned to a bookshop.

Here are a couple of photos on the spot, in case you have become geographically disadvantaged.

 Actually looking at the photos they don't really help much, so I guess you can either recognise what the drawings are of or yo can't. 

Trees are surprisingly difficult in this medium, granted they are just a type of scribble, but the wrong type of scribble and they lack treeness.

The main problem today was finding somewhere to sit in the sun, as it was a bit cold in the shade, with the sun more behind me than in front of me, with some of the old Canterbury buildings in front of me. Most of the public seats in the sun are up the top end of the High Street where a lot of the buildings are modern.

To do the one of the tower with the clock on it I had to buy a coffee at McDonalds to get a seat I could draw it from. 

apologies for repeating an image here, just comparing a photo with the clock vertical which I was focused on with the drawing.


  1. Looks good, well done that man.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence Don, I am never really certain about putting up my own rather dubious artwork, the webstats say a lot of people look at it but very little attracts any coherent comment or criticism, which may be as well.

  2. this is great, I wish I have your skill.


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