Monday, 14 April 2014

Updown Art Gallery in Ramsgate Transatlantic Exhibition, pictures.

Interesting exhibition and well worth a visit, here is what the gallery has to say about it:  

15TH MARCH - 26TH APRIL 2014
Transatlantic features a carefully curated selection of editioned works on paper by some of the greatest 20th Century British and American artists. Included are renowned pioneers of Abstract Expressionism, painter and collagist Robert Motherwell (husband and influencer of colourist Helen Frankenthaler), colourist Frank Stella, Pop Artists Tom Wesselmann and Andy Warhol alongside Sol Lewitt, Ed Ruscha, and Robert Rauschenberg, with work by British Pop Artists Sir Peter Blake, Richard Hamilton, Patrick Caulfield and Sir Eduardo Paolozzi.

Although Pop Art is now seen as dominated by American titans such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, Britain played a ground-breaking role in the movement.

Emerging in the mid-1950′s but with roots that stretch back to Paolozzi’s ground breaking work in the 1940′s and born out of the ‘Independent Group’, a number of London-based RCA artists including David Hockney and Patrick Caulfield, organised themselves to bring together the seminal ‘Young Contemporaries’ show of 1961, the first appearance of British Pop Art.

The cultural exchange of artistic conceptualism and practice between Britain and America is entrenched throughout the twentieth century with many emerging movements inspiring each other, most notably Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. The postwar art world saw lively interaction between British and American artists and sculptors, critics, curators, teachers, and institutions.

The ‘Transatlantic’ exhibition particularly complements and contrasts with those offered at Margate’s Turner Contemporary for the first half of 2014, featuring Sol Leweitt’s Wall Drawing #1136, a vibrantly coloured piece that creates an overwhelming chromatic environment enveloping the viewer, on display from 3rd Decmber 2013 – 8th June 2014 and ‘Paintings by JMW Turner and Helen Frankenthaler’ juxtaposing the work of the most original genius in landscape painting alongside that of Abtrstract Expressionist and leading proponent of Colour Field painting, Frankenthaler, which runs from 25th January until 11th May 2014.

Below are the pictures of the exhibition that I took on Saturday.  

The pictures should expand if you click on the, bumbling around outside the gallery and failing to take a picture of the outside of it, that I was happy with, I did notice that it seems to be on line between two churches.

Would that be a ley line? 
Here is the link to the gallery's website 


  1. Michael you need to get your camera sorted the walls and floorsa all look crooked, sound and looks good over there but I cant do stairs which is a shame. Don

    1. Don I think the ley lines had a strange effect on the camera in my android phone. And yep steps even to get into the ground floor so ‘fraid you will have to rely on my crooked photos.

  2. And very arty they are, These Camera phones are fantastic you can see why no one buys cameras anymore.

    1. Don I guess it depends on what you are doing, the phone camera is good if there is fairly strong light and you have time to compose the shot. I would say shots like these where you are indoors with good lighting but not so bright that you can’t see the phone screen is where they are best. I find the digital slr much better for some things, it is much faster – there is virtually no delay between pressing the button and it taking the shot, outside when it is too bright to see the phone’s screen I much prefer the optical viewfinder. The wide angle shots with the phone are done with a clip on fish eye lens which I got on ebay for about £7.

      For me though the main reason I use the phone is because it automatically does the publishing to the cloud via the Google+ app, this means that I don’t have to wait for the pictures to upload to blogger.

      Frankly I don’t get much time for my blogging, the text isn’t much of an issue because I can touch type fairly quickly, waiting around for the pictures to upload, particularly if I am putting them it to the right places within the post’s text, I just don’t usually have time for.

      The mistake is to consider that a modern phone is primarily a phone, much better consider it as a pocket computer with camera, camcorder, TV, torch, satnav, etc.

  3. I have always believed that in taking a photograph composition comes first and foremost. If the composition is good then it will not matter much about the type of camera.

    Next comes the quality of the lens and in this no camera phone can equal that of a SLR with all its choices.

    The aim is to take a picture that others will want to look at time and again and in this composition is paramount.


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