Friday, 28 April 2017

A policeman’s lot in Ramsgate

Earlier today I was talking to one of our council officers about antisocial behaviour and pointed out that back in the day the police were completely different inasmuch as the lived in the town or village they policed, so had a vested interest in that town being a nice place. They knew the local problem people and kept an eye on them, I think the key phrase is they were part of the community. 

The conversation made me think of these pictures that all relate to Pc Jordan I know from research that he rescued some horses from the sables in Cecilia Road when the caught fire in 1932. The pictures though say something about policing in Ramsgate that I don’t think words can.


  1. Beautiful photos as always Michael

  2. Thanks Don although I don't think this lot expand very well like some of them do

  3. The easiest way to get the police to attend is to tell them that it's a hate crime against an effnik minority.


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