Thursday, 6 April 2017

Warning people having difficulties opening umbrellas and painting pictures.

Here are today’s Thanet pictures, any what, when, why comment always appreciated.

I spent the morning buying books for my bookshop and the afternoon painting in Canterbury. I think with this draft sketch of the inside of the nave in Canterbury Cathedral I have just about reached the point where I can see not only what is wrong with the perspective but how to put it right.

I hope so as I have bought a new sheet of paper and hope to start again on Saturday. For the few people who want some idea of what I am up to, here is some sort of explanation.

I think that during Victorian times the perspective in painting was very much influenced by photographs and from the early 1700s to about 1840 a drawing grid or tight rules related to vanishing points. However there is a sense where saying. “Do you like my photograph of my painting of my photograph.” At one end of the spectrum, or. “Here is my tired old bed.” At the other leaves a gap in the middle, which isn’t so much about styles in art, but the difference between how we see things and things see things – that perhaps can’t turn their heads, eyeballs and use a brain to process the result.      

Here is the link to photos of the books that went out in my bookshop Wednesday  


  1. Great photos as always Michael. Glad to see your able to paint as well as picture take. I was going to go into rhyme then but thought better of it.

  2. It’s already in the paper Don, I just reveal it


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