Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Watercolour Painting inside Canterbury Cathedral: The Chancel

Here is my watercolour painting of the inside of the chancel at Canterbury Cathedral, so far.

This is a longish task as the view there is complicated, so first my thanks to all of the people who work in the cathedral for letting me paint there.

To do this I have been using my large A4 sketchbook opening to a double page which gives me an A3 sheet.

Something that interests me about this view is that I can’t really take a photo of it properly, I expect an expert photographer could.

For a reference photo which may help any aspiring art critics I have cobbled together some mobile phone photos that I took of different bits of the chancel.

So why this particular view? In the first instance I think this the type of view a visitor to the cathedral is most likely to get on turning up to a service there. For the most part services happen in the chancel with the congregation sitting facing sideways. The second part relates to the north chancel transept (bit on the left of picture with big round window), which is unusual as the stonework isn’t symmetrical in the way that the south transept is, which makes it more satisfying to me in some way I can’t quite define.

There seem to be very few paintings of the inside of Canterbury Cathedral on the internet, I don’t know if this is because there aren’t many or because I can’t find them so if you know of any please let me know.   

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