Monday, 10 April 2017

Dreamland Cinema Margate, old pictures and some thoughts about Dreamland Arlington and the Margate skyline.

After finishing of yesterdays watercolour from Turner Contemporary and getting to work this morning – coming round after the weekend – responding to the Facebook comments, including a don’t like Arlington, which I suppose a lot of people don’t. 

I replied. “ ‘s a bit like sketching people, buildings is. The ones that some fined inspiring, attractive, wosisname, others don’t. With the sketching I’m still in the learning phase so really just concerned with getting a likeness, so a spade looks like a spade and not too shovelish.

My own take on Arlington is that it is an important piece of brutalist architecture and iconic in terms of defining Margate, therefore significant in economic regeneration. Assuming Arlington is going to stay and I guess the residents there would have something to say if all their homes were demolished, then I think it needs to have listed building status so that the ground floor has to be redeveloped in the same brutalist style, and that it doesn’t suddenly get painted magnolia or develop plasic double glazing.”

This did however get me thinking about the Margate skyline and what makes it distinctive. Obviously and whether you like it or not Turner Contemporary is very iconic as is Arlington and so is the cinema, for the most part the Georgian and Victorian buildings are not really peculiar to Margate with the possible exception of The Imperial (flat iron) viewed from the end and of course Droit House (modern replica rebuilt after the war.

So what of the Dreamland Cinema, here is the English Heritage listing Phase 2 of the Dreamland restoration project includes the foyer, and is underway now, but not much in the way of old pictures of the cinema building on the internet, so here are some from the 1935 souvenir, I do a facsimile of this, here is the link  

I am not sure if in all of the Dreamland restoration whether the cinema comes back into use as a cinema, and whether a cinema in Margate would be viable even as part of a heritage theme park.

There is also the Nick Evans book Dreamland revived which we have in the bookshop and is fairly easy to get online.

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