Wednesday, 12 April 2017

A skim through the local news and social media, Manston airport update, ferry unlikely story and a few odds and ends.

New docs on The Department For Transport website, I think this is the most significant

The BBC news item about RiverOak threatening the Thanet council leader with legal action, this link leads to the transcript   

My bookshop closes on Sundays, Thursdays and Bank Holidays so a bit of a holiday feel here as Friday and Monday are Bank Holidays and we will also be closed on Thursday and Sunday.

I guess with the Manston issue it rather hinges around whatever the latest company called RiverOak actually is saying, either that the majority of it isn’t owned by a Belize registered entity or that Belize registered entities are transparent and would fulfil the ethical criteria required by the DFT to mount a DCO.

I guess the most humorous news item this week is that the ferry expert appointed by Thanet District Council has recommended that the council purchase their own ferry to operate a ferry service between Ramsgate and the continent. See

I wonder if anyone at TDC realises that while it is only a little bit further from Ramsgate to the continent than it is from Dover to the continent, because of the Goodwin Sands a ferry from Ramsgate has to travel roughly twice as one from Dover.

It would seem that for some reason Thanet Council feels that Ramsgate should aspire to become like Dover.

The most encouraging news item for me is this one as I think it could be a very good place to sketch from.

The Easter photo competition is an interesting one and something I haven’t tried before, the key here is trying to do something to get people to engage better with Thanet’s local history. I am particularly interested in the limitations of the internet when it comes learning something, there is an area where the difference between information derived from a screen is different from information derived in other ways. Obviously I have a particular interest in the role played by traditional paper books and how this differs from and compliments the role played by technology.

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