Thursday, 26 April 2018

Ada’s Edwardian Excursions and I seta bout buying a secondhand car

 The pictures will expand with the usual clicking or tapping dependent on your device,
 so thins first one from Ada in 1913 seems to show a partly concreted cliff face which may help with dating western undercliff photos
 No Writing on the back of this one unfortunately.

this one from Ada in 1906, probably a different Ada form the handwriting.

I have been out trying to buy books and a replacement car, preferably a seven seater automatic in which all of the 7 seats are forward facing. Changing car gets more complicated every time I do so, arranging for insurance in particular gets more difficult when changing cars, this time the old seven days insurance while you sort out your old car and get the new one insured has gone.

Then there is the getting rid of the old one, which is probably not worth the hassle of selling it privately, particularly if you don’t have much time.

My first vehicle buying experiences are with motorbikes back in the 1970s, when I ha a Norwich Union Rider Policy that covered all motorbikes up to a 1,000 cc and the tax disc came along with the bike. Much easier back in those days.   

Anyway I bought some books today and this is the link to the ones that went out in the bookshop yesterday  A fair amount of Thanet local history books which may interest readers.

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