Sunday, 29 April 2018

Old pictures of Ramsgate, Margate and Broadstairs, perhaps a ramble.

 Click or tap on the pictures to expand them, the dates are from the postmarks, which really means before that date, so this is 1925




Shopping in Canterbury for me today

This mostly involved painting the view from Chocolate Cafe, I bought a few secondhand cds for the replacement car (the old one had a cassette player)
So I did actually manage to engage in some shopping that wasn't buying books, however I have lost all track of the price of secondhand music so I spent £20 on those and don't really know if I got a bargain or not.

Mind you I also bought some books for the bookshop and some of those I know I won't make a profit on selling them, even a couple that I will probably make a loss on, but it means that we have got them in stock.

I paid £5 for the Abbey Road cd in Canterbury, wages were about £30 per week when it came out in 1969 I think the album cost about £1.50 or £1/10- when I bought it back then so about 5% of the average weekly wage which would be about £50 today. I may have made a mistake in my calculations here, but it sounds about right.

The in car cd player means having physical music rather than virtual, like physical books rather than files and a device produces a completely different environment among the small group of people in the car and this is something I want to keep to.

On the bookshop front here is the link to the books that went out Saturday


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