Friday, 6 April 2018

some old Ramsgate pictures and some from today

 I think this one of the entertainers on Ramsgate Sands, Ramsgate Pier in the background would be from around 1900
 I think this would be from upstairs in Albion House

Here is one I took earlier - as they say
 and another from the 1950s
 This the perennial from around 1850, before the railway station was built in 1860
 The Bounty in the background so 1940sish

This was an iron hulled barquentine rigged (three masts, square sails at the front and triangular ones at the back) sailing ship built in Sunderland in 1875.

She made at least two voyages to Auckland in the 1870s was dismasted in a hurricane in the 1880s sailed to New Zealand in the 1890s.

Had some sort of life in Finland and Norway in the early 1900s

Converted into a floating restaurant which operated in Ramsgate from 1946 to about 1951

She was broken up in 1952
 fishing sacks, I think around 1900


Anyway what is the matter with the traffic lights here, you have to wait for ages before the change while local residents jay walk and ice with death. have they been set up by someone who doesn't like Ramsgate, just to make us angry?

Tempted as I was to make an animation of the jaywalkers dicing with death I resisted the urge.

On the other hand - four fingers and a thumb!

Meanwhile back at the Pavilion.

Paint and photographs

The Ramsgate Weatherpersons

Camera card anyone?

and yes work? this is the the link to today's books 

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