Saturday, 14 April 2018

Old Broadstairs, Ramsgate and Margate photos

 should expand if you click on it, postmark 1913,

 and this one 1905, which may be useful for dating purposes

 another 1905 postmark

 1927 this Broadstairs one
Bookshop wise I ran away today, but it seemed to work ok in my absence the four other people who usually work here on Saturday probably didn't even notice I wasn't there.

Running away for the day in Thanet is easy in the summer as any of the coastal towns are ok, but the weather forecast I saw was significantly worse than what happened so I drove off to Canterbury and fiddled about witha bit of painting, drawing and trying to catch up with the things I am supposed to write down. As it was tempus fugited and not much got done.

There is a very narrow time band between it being warm enough to able to so sit on a bench and sketch Canterbury Cathedral from the cathedral grounds and the leaves appearing on the trees obscuring the view.
 Armed with a Pitt and a bit of A4 paper I discovered that I would need a bit of A3 paper. I mean what sort of compulsive gardener plants trees in the way. I can tell you I am strongly minded to pray up and complain.
As you see all my attempts to shorten the tower came to nothing, as cathedrals go you can't really get far enough away from it to fit it in.

I went on to Electro Chocolate Cafe and fiddled about with my inside outside sketch a bit.

On the whole one of those rather strange and disconnected days which I find you just have to have if you do anything creative.

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