Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Belgian Café Prepares to Reopen, and some thoughts onit init.

Pier Castle, is a square block with round corner towers and crenellated walls on the corner of Harbour Parade and Kent Terrace overlooking the Clockhouse and later The Royal Victoria Pavilion. Aparently designed by Mary Townley, who was an amateur architect apparently financed by her wealthy husband in the construction of a number of buildings in Ramsgate. I think Townley castle (now gone) and Townley House feature in this enterprise. Pier Castle is said to have been built in 1819 it is certainly on the 1822 map so must have been there then.

Not sure what Pier Castle was back in the 60s and 70s, I worked down in that part of Ramsgate on and off, Stardust in the end of the Pav, Pleasurama and The Refectory next door.

I know it was Gadds Brewery and Bakehouse when we moved back to Ramsgate to open the bookshop in 1987 and that at some point it metamorphosised into the Belgian Café, with eventually Eddie Gadd going off to brew at Pysons Road Industrial Estate – which I think is technically Broadstairs.

Anyway Andy walking Andy talking has apparently had a little nap and is now opening up again soon.

The blokes repainting the outside are the ones who got the double decker bus into The Old Kent Market in Margate, so I would think giving the Belgian Café a bit of a makeover will be a wosisname.

Anyway some pictures ofit inint here is the link http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/418v/id4.htm

or below if they will go, there too

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