Thursday, 5 April 2018

Decoding the latest Manston Airfreight Hub DCO news, some Margate pictures,

Since the clocks move to British Summer Time, it's light after work for me, this means I get out more but have less time for blogging.
(note the tilt in the horizon) No time you see.

Manston and the Development Consent Order is very prominent on the local social media at the moment. I think this is because up until the end of the first quarter of 2018 the information was that this would be submitted during the first quarter of 2018.
 Communications from RiverOak or RSP which are the firm that want to build the airfreight hub at Manston are not good. My own take here is that RSP are not a firm in the sense that we would understand. By this I mean they don’t have staff, offices, an address or anything that you would normally associate with a business.
This week they produced a press release, here is the link not as you would expect, “we are going to submit our DCO on such and such a date,” so what on earth does the press release mean?
 Well the DCO wosisname is supposed to be what the government call front loaded - translated from gov speak this means - all the stuff that would be sorted out, op council, by the planning department, needs to be sorted out by a process of consultation, inclusion and most of all involvement of the local councils.
 This consultation, public involvement and inclusion process worked out, managed and overseen by the local council whose patch the project it is on, with considerable involvement of the other councils whose patch will be effected. 
Anyway two of the councils whose patch is effected are Ramsgate Town Council and Canterbury City Council.
 The idea would be that RSP work closely with these councils at the consultation stage with TDC and RSP jointly managing and coordinating the process.
 What seems to happen in practice is that RSP's solicitors send a letter to TDC and then just fail to communicate further with TDC, producing a rather bizarre statement on the council's website.
 Then the other day Canterbury Council that runs Herne Bay (on the flight path) say they haven't heard anything from RSP about the 2018 consultation at all.
 I am trying to keep the links to a minimum and make this into a story that is easy to follow, RSP have twice produced thousands of pages of consultation documents as downloadable pdf files that normal computers are unable to run properly.
 But what they have failed to do is to produce a straightforward consultation website, this means that virtually no one has actually read the consultation documents, the people who say they are for the airfreight hub and the people who say they are against it.
 It also means that as local people and organisations battle with the documents, they discover whole rafts of information that just does not make sense.
 The latest of these seems to to be The Ramsgate Society.
 I think much of the problem is that while RSP respond to letters and emails, they don't actiually reply to them.
 I think that RSP think that providing they tick the right legal boxes then the DCO will go through, the government will take the land from the current owners and give it to RSP.
 For all I know this may be the case.
 Margate for us yesterday evening.
 So plenty of photos.
 anyway some of the pictures of Margate yesterday evening, they should expand if you click on them


  1. Your presentation appears to be the same as SHP. Plenty of pretty pictures taken by one assumes an amateur photographer whilst SHP pictures appear to be drawn by a child. (forgive the pun). One assumes that RiverOak or RSP have handed all of their work over to those whom they consider are professionals in their field and release information as it becomes available to them from these same people. SHP on the other hand prefer to have a front person who lets say has a very colourful past according to parliamentary records. The continual sniping at RiverOak (RSP) will of course show if you and the anti Manston Airport brigade are right in your thoughts when the 10,500+ documents are presented for approval for the next stage. This being that they have not consulted with the general public and have not held more than the obligatory consultations. Of course all documentation and responses to the consultations are available to the planning inspectorate. We wait to see if this will be the same with SHP who like RSP have had delays. The latter because they wished to have more consultations but the former preferring to not listen to the majority of the general public.

  2. Well Trouble Maker, the net effect of the DCO application process so far has been to stop the local plan making something of a free for all for local housing developers, I wonder how many millions they will make out of it? If I didn’t trust our local politicians and property developers implicitly I would wonder if the whole DCO process hadn’t been engineered entirely to make money out of the local housing market. My primary activity is that of shop assistant, the photography is as you say purely amateur.

    On the development of the Manston site I think that I have been pretty clear all the way along the line of publishing about it the last 10 years. At the moment I have some reservations about both RSP’s plans and SHP’s which I have highlighted in various blog posts.

    Obviously I bow both to your naivety and anonymity and see as obviously you can’t be proved wrong you must be apophatically superior.

    1. What a magnificent word! And how appropriate in regard to Trouble Maker's eyebrow-raising assertions.

    2. Can’t resist the pre-socratics Jimmy

    3. I just had to look apophatically superior up google describes TM's post perfectly. On the subject of photography Horizons they actually come in any other form. Life is to short to be so exacting maybe we should all employ a professional snapper to make our shots perfect for Mr anon TM Or let us see his so perfect photos. I will get over to see you soon Michael I never managed a visit last year but now it is a little warmer I hope to cause mayhem out and about. X Don

    4. Hope to see you this year Don, my take is that if you were't there then you can't take the pictures and if for one reason or another you can't get there, there they are.

  3. Michael I have always loved your photos, we had a similar conversation about five years back. People may not like our posts or our pictures but we didnt take the photos for them to admire we take them for the ones who like me who cannot get out. Your pictures are whole wealth of help to me when I have been stuck in bed for a week or even if not in bed but unable to get out and see the 'real' world and I for one love your pictures.

  4. Don you know the funniest one on that front is a film director friend of mine who I asked for advice on cutting i.e. which ones to delete. He had just been filming in the desert and said. "Don't you dare," the whole crew had been cooling down to interminable pictures of the Thanet beaches.


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