Sunday, 22 April 2018

The 1912 Motorbike, Broadstairs and Ramsgate Pavilions and the inevitable photos old and new

 First this group of four Thanet photos all date from 1912
 when confronted by a particular date I find it helps to have some photos that were taken around that time.
 Today it was a 1912 motorbike, usually for me it's a bit of local history
Anyway having gone to Canterbury this morning and sat down to a breakfast of toast and jam outside eleto chocolate cafe a very old motorbike pulled up and parked in front of me. Obviously I painted it.
 this was a 1912 500cc Triumph for the aficionados and I suppose the for the practical biker the interesting feature is that it had no clutch.

No gearbox either, but yes, how do you pull away at the lights?
Open the decompression valve - a sort of tap on the top of the cylinder head, when the lights go green you pedal away as you would with an ordinary pushbike, until you reach a reasonable speed and then you close the tap. At this point either the engine starts or you grind to a halt.   

the rest of the pictures? here are the links

and work - bee ready for mundi  

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