Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Old Ramsgate and Margate photos and more on the date that Thanet stopped being an island

 Anyone like to guess the date of this picture, I think the indicators are the car, traffic island bollards, pushchairs and of course the clothes.
 Probably taken from the top of The Grange
O yes here is one I took a lot earlier
 Love this Ellington Park one, landscape gardening loosely based on The Garden of Earthly Delights
 When dotty (note no capital) send a card to Ethel in Herne Bay anything can happen, I would think the photo was taken around 1900

Wellington Gardens dace floor I think being used for dancing around the band performing in the bandstand I'm guessing 1930s

Out and about today as I went to photograph the new exhibition in York Street Gallery, see previous post, altogether a bit on the misty dull front so no photos.

I did take our Elvis books window
I had issues putting the link to yesterdays blog post on some of the local Facebook groups
 There was some suggestion that this could be due to my stealth advertising, particularly of art galleries and bookshops. I should like to point out that I recently saw Elvis here in Ramsgate.

On to the main point of my post, well the main point for me, I have been adding a bit more to my pages relating to the date that Thanet stopped being a proper island.

The Venerable Bede writing in around 730 in his Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum, or  Ecclesiastical History of the English People, says. "On the east of Kent is the large Isle of Thanet, containing, according to the English way of reckoning, 600 families, divided from the mainland by the river Wantsum, which is about three furlongs in breadth, and which can be crossed only in two places; for at both ends it runs into the sea."

It isn't very clear if he means you could walk, wade across it at low tide or use a ferry.

Here is the link to references so far

This map of the UK dates from around 1300 so the writing is in latin, I have marked up where I think some of the places are

Leland writing in around 1540 says:-

"The river of Cantorbury now cawled Sture, springeth at Kingges Snode, the which standeth southe, and a lytle be west from Canterbury, and ys distant of Cant. a xiiii or xv myles. Fro Kinges Snode to Assheford, a market towne ii myles of on the farther syde of Sture. Fro Assheford to Wye, a market towne iiii myels of on the farther syde of Sture; to Chartham, a villag iiii myles; to Cantorbiry iii myles; to Fordwic, on the farther side, wher as yet ys a poore mayr; to Sturemuthe, a faire village iiii myles be water; to Richeboro, on the farther side ii myles or more; to Sandwic, super Ripa a myle and so withyn a dim myle yn to the mayne se."

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