Sunday, 8 April 2018

Old photos and the like

 A few coloured cards from the Edwardian period and slightly later, the messages on the backs are metaphorical ina bottles from around 100 years ago.
 It occurs to me that there is something in decoding what the handwriting means that you would never get with email or a social media post.
 So with this card, for instance to Ada from May or Mag two sides to decode
the detail begs a caption perhaps.
 Or these three of Wellington Crescent, producing a bizarre spot the difference.

Canterbury today where I played about with aspects of watercolour style

And then on to The Beaney where I became captivated by a cabinet of curiosities 

In the area of local news it's looking as though something may be going to happen on the Pleasurama site, obviously at the moment if development work starts there then it can only be the building out of the approved plans.

 This series of photos, zooming in on the cliff facade wall show the tell tale signs of a chalk fall behind the wall.

and finally bookshop activity pictures

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