Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Can you answer some questions about this Thanet photo? The answers to Thursday's quiz and a ramble about reopening the bookshop

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Question 1 What were the towers the red arrow points to?

Question 2 Which church does the blue arrow point to?

Question 3 Where was the photo taken from.

Next Thursday's answers

The clock in the Montefiore Synagogue in Ramsgate.

The Clock in St George's Church Ramsgate 

The mechanisms in the bottom of Ramsgate Lighthouse, one worked the tide gauge and the other switched the light from red to green and back depending on the level of the tide.

On to the ramble

Michael’s Bookshop where I work here in Ramsgate was busy on Monday, the first day of reopening, the new opening hours which are closed Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays mean that it is only Saturday where I have to work two days running. 

So first my thanks to the people who turned up, wished us well and/or bought some books.

Having entered the realms of the unretired where I expect to live at the perpetual age of 69, one day as a shop assistant and one day off is probably enough.

I have fairly severe prosopagnosia, I first noticed that I had trouble recognising people when I was 17 and recently it has got worse, this means that the people who know me tell me who they are and the people who don’t – well I bluff my way along.
OK the rest of this post is experimental and relates to posting a video from my workstation in Michael's Bookshop Ramsgate into a blog

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