Monday, 8 August 2022

Three Thanet Photos to answer questions about, the answer to Saturday's question, ramble from the bookshop.

1 when do you reckon this photo was taken?

2 When did it burn down and what is it called and what's happened to it now?

3 Where in Thanet was this photo taken?

This is the link to pictures of the books we priced in the bookshop today

When it comes to the good old days I have very mixed feelings. I have, for instance, reservations about reintroducing the exotic dancers (strippers) in our Thanet's main seaside bars. These were the norm rather than the exception in the 1960s and 1970s.  However just at the moment, working away here in Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate, one of my jobs today is to attach little labels to edges of the wooden shelves (don't even mention chipboard bookshop shop fittings that bend or the metal ones that cut into the books). Sorry where was I, yes drawing pins. I have one box which says "1 gross of drawing pins 3/6" and another which says drawing pins 99p on it. Pins from the older box work reasonably well, however the ones I bought recently bend when you try to push them into wood.  Sorry I digress again,

We spent Sunday expanding the crime fiction section in the bookshop and purring up some headers. We are just too busy, too many customers to do this type of thing with the shop open.

This is all to do with the price of pulp fiction 

yesterday's Answer 

Both of these pictures show fire officers from the same Thanet fire brigade, but which one? As you see above on the picture Margate. What sparked this question off was a comment on an old blog post identifying one of the fireman in the picture below here is the link to it

This one shows the fire station building too which may help.

next a few old Margate fire photos, click to expand

Margate fire station V Margate police 

Finally a couple of sketches in my sketchbook in the bookshop today

I have been trying some different portrait styles recently which can see on my Facebook page

Here is the link

With the bookshop open and me pretending to work as a shop assistant I have much more time for blogging

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