Friday, 13 March 2009

“Cross-Channel immigrants have no asylum rights” – says MP

Roger Gale press release

“Illegal immigrants smuggling themselves across the Channel in lorries or by rail have no asylum rights in the United Kingdom”, says North Thanet’s MP, Roger Gale.

Speaking in Margate this (Friday) morning, the MP said:

“That the French authorities have effectively allowed the recreation of an asylum camp in Calais and appear to be taking few or no measures to prevent immigrants from crossing the Channel is a disgrace and an affront to the law.

It is a clearly established fact that those genuinely seeking asylum because they are fleeing their own country in fear for their lives should claim asylum in the first safe haven in which they arrive. Patently, travellers who have crossed several countries – and in some cases continents – are in breach of the terms of the Convention and should be returned immediately to their country of origin.

I believe that the Home Office and the Foreign Office jointly need to make claim, at the highest level, that the United Kingdom expects the Government of France to take appropriate measures to detain illegal immigrants, process them in France and either grant them asylum in France or deport them.

This is not a problem that we should have to tolerate any longer.

I also believe that the time has come to re-visit cases where Conditional Leave to Remain has been granted and to re-assess those who no longer have good reason to remain in the United Kingdom.”


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with him.

I do not understand why there are still tens of thousands of Kosovan refugees in this country claiming benefits when Kosova has been safe for years and is about to become independant of Serbia.

I am afraid it is just down to pathetic managment of the situation from governments over the years

ascu75 aka Don said...

I have never understood how they could even be considered if they was returned and a huge bill for doing so might make France consider stopping them. They are passing many safe havens to get here maybe bill each of the countri9esthey pass through .

Anonymous said...

notice they only try to smuggle themselves into Dover.

James Maskell said...

My understanding was that the first EU country they came to is the country they must apply to. I recall an Afghan family in the past found that out when they arrived in Germany but wanted to come to Britain instead.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 13.35, just to let you know, its not only dover that suffers from Illegal migrants, your very own Local Port De Ramsgatte is subject to them everyday, only difference is the majority do not get caught and in Ostend there is very little if no security at all!!

Anonymous said...

Some of the illegal immigrants at Ramsgate Harbour are locals after a better benefits deal and to jump the housing queue.

The impersonation of foreigners at the harbour is a long established Thanet tradition (See Dolding Cllr Sheikh)