Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Ramsgate Town Council Elections

As many of you will know the Ramsgate parish council election to select our 16 councillors are to be held on 4th June, it is most likely that once the parish council has been elected they will form themselves into a town council.

There is a briefing at the council offices on 20th April at 12.30 for anyone who is considering becoming a candidate. Application packs will be handed out at the meeting and then they have till 5th May to complete and return them.

I already know of two prominent local historians who will be standing as independents and of several of the existing councillors are also standing.


  1. Hmmmm....Monday 20th of April at 12:30. Looks like they don't want anyone who works to be applying to join the Council then?

  2. The briefing will not be the only chance to get a candidates form so, what you said is only shows your ignorance.

    Anoy 31 March

  3. Do you have to be a Ramsgate resident, I could do with a hobby.

    Good performance on news tonight Michael

  4. "what you said is only shows your ignorance."

    Typical nasty response. Presumably you are a Councillor whose party sorts it all out for them?

    Kindly explain how I am ignorant. Where have you optained the details of these other opportunities to get an application form. If you can't point me to the information, how can you accuse me of ignorance?

  5. You can obtain the application pack from the electoral services section at Thanet Council.
    You have to live in the parish area or within 4.8 Kilometers from it to qualify.

  6. Tony a quick look at the map suggests that Broadstairs residents may be eligible but not Margate.

    Thanks for the info Dave is it available on the councils website do you know? What surprised me is that the briefing isn’t to be held in Ramsgate.


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