Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Thanet district Council press release

Drivers entering Thanet are now being greeted by a dragon on one of the area's main roundabouts, thanks to a project by the council's Environmental Action Programme.

The roundabout at the junction of Haine Road and Manston Road on the outskirts of Ramsgate is now home to a striking wooden dragon, with its body planted out with drought resistant grasses and succulent plants, which will require no watering and minimal maintenance

The dragon, made from pressure treated timber that should be weather resistant for 25 years, represents the area's strong links with the Vikings.

The work, paid for by the council's Environmental Action Programme, which works to improve the appearance of the area, has been undertaken in association with Kent County Council.

Cllr. Shirley Tomlinson, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, said: "The dragon is a striking addition to one of Thanet's most high profile routes. Everyone who drives into the area from Sandwich will instantly see it and it's a great way of welcoming people into Thanet. The dragon is a really practical way of dealing with a very difficult site. It's wind blown, meaning we can only use certain plants there and we've had to pick ones that need little maintenance. It's also an exceptionally busy road, making it very difficult for staff to get access to it, so traditional flowerbeds just wouldn't work."

1 comment:

  1. Lucky it's 'weather resistant for 25 years' as, judging by everything else round here, it'll be 25 years before TDC get around to giving it a lick of creosote.

    No, strike that. I give it 30 years and it'll be a heap of rotting timber!


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