Saturday, 28 March 2009

An Open Letter from David Cameron

Laura Sandys press release

believe this week has marked a defining moment in this economic crisis. For Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England, to come out and say Gordon Brown is wrong to be pursuing a second fiscal stimulus - because the country simply cannot afford it - is an exceptional turn of events. Gordon Brown harangued us for being isolated when we repeatedly said the country could not afford this extra debt. Now it turns out we were right.

I kicked off the week by replying to Gordon Brown's statement on Europe - which brings me on to Dan Hannan's brilliant response

to Gordon Brown in the European Parliament. It was so effective and shows the growing power of the internet over TV.

On Tuesday I was at the London Stock Exchange to make the point that the Conservative Party will be the party of law and order in the City. I then completed my 26th Cameron Direct in Milton Keynes, and the 27th in Fleetwood, Lancashire. I love doing these events: they are an essential reminder that what goes on in the Westminster bubble is rarely what is on the minds of ordinary people.

Getting out of Westminster has been a key theme to the week. Gordon Brown's approach to this may be getting on a plane and heading for Chile - but mine is to send the Shadow Cabinet round the country to launch our petition calling on Gordon Brown to implement our tax cut for savers and pensioners.

Have a good weekend

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