Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Kents Schools get massive funding boost

Stephen Ladyman Press Release

Kents Schools get massive funding boostThe Government is to pump money into Kent's economy this year by giving local schools a massive cash boost.

Every school in Kent will get a share of £10.6m worth of funding brought forward from 2010/11 to 2009/10 and paid directly to head teachers to spend how they wish.

They can spend it on new labs, books, or sports facilities - it will be up to them. In addition, Kent County Council will receive an extra £19.1m brought forward from next year for bigger building projects.

Stephen Ladyman, MP for South Thanet said: "The economic slow down may have started abroad but we have to take action at home to create new jobs and get business moving again. By bringing spending on Kent's schools forward from next year on this scale the Government is giving our local economy a real shot in the arm and at the same time giving our kids and schools a huge boost.

"Dr Stephen Ladyman

MP for South Thanet

House of Commons London


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  1. In addition to this, the government is pumping 600millions into the Kent Building Schools for the Future (BSF) Programme.

    All KCC has to do is manage the project without to much drain on the local taxes.
    One thing the govenment wont be doing is to build more grammar schools.

    In East kent I dont think this is a problem but in West Kent there are children that have passed the Kent test that have not and cannot be offered a suitable grammar school place.
    The system is such that only those with the very best results are accepted along side children from across the county borders.


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