Monday, 30 March 2009

Extra Tesco Extra

I see the council have approved plans for an extra 2,842 sqm of retail sales and storage at the Margate Road Tesco.

The Agenda and Draft Minutes Planning Committee Meeting Wednesday, 18th March, 2009 7.00 pm, have just appeared on the TDC websiteclick on the link for them

The planning application ref is F/TH/08/1468 click on the link to go to the planning site

My own thoughts here is that the continued expansion of out of town shopping is destroying the fabric of our society, I also think that we ought to be addressing at national government level the problem that travelling for every shopping and leisure facility is becoming les and less environmentally sustainable.

Huge shops with huge car parks have to be a bad idea there must come a point where large companies have to take a more responsible attitude.

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  1. Mystery shopperMarch 30, 2009 7:36 pm

    Couldn't agree more Michael - when will planners realise that not everyone who lives in Ramsgate, Broadstairs or Margate has a car and if you have any mobility problems it is not easy lugging shopping home on a crowded Loop bus even if it is free. Tescos is a long way from the bus stop anyway. I do all my shopping in Ramsgate town centre even though there is limited choice and never go to the out of town shops or Westwood Cross, though I have used the small Tescos in Cliftonville once or twice - but that is right by a bus stop so easier to get to.


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