Thursday, 12 March 2009

Glenn Campbell and the BBC try to scupper Ramsgate

I watched with growing fury as Glen Campbell on the BBC’s inside out program did his best to damage any chance we have of getting a fast ferry service from Ramsgate to Boulogne.

How Roger Latchford kept his cool with the man is beyond me, surely the BBC have some sort of responsibility to licence payers in this recession to try to destroy the chance of any good venture and damage Ramsgate’s economy beggars belief.

Who the heck cares about due diligence or if they wind up owing money, one thing is for certain there will be no money with no ferry, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain on this one.


  1. Fair comment Micheal but I think a responsible approach would be to carry out a certain amount of checking up before announcing an exciting new client at Port Ramsgate.

    I don't think Glenn Campbell has jeopardised any chances of the new service happening and I rather welcome journalistic investigation, especially where TDC are concerned.

    I have to say Mr Latchford didn't actually seem to have a clue as to what is going on.

    Spin over substance appears to be the order of the day, as it has been for a while.

  2. Michael, I have to disagree with you here. I would be absolutely delighted if a ferry service was started by the end of the month but go and try and book a crossing for Easter to Bolougne from Ramsgate and see how you do. I am disappointed that our own local press and Council do not dig a little deeper into such optimistic approaches by rather strange companies and that we have to see BBC South East doing a better job. The give-away for me is the canny position taken by Steve Ladyman; 'good news but don't celebrate until you see it'; that surely reveals a realistic approach and as keen an assessment that BBC South East are making?

  3. i agree with you Bertie - the council will be inept enough to start letting a company operate with out checking that they have the cash to pay the berthing fees, Dover were out of pocket to the tune of £1000s when Speed ferries went - it is NOT a case of nothing ventured nothing gained it is an increasingly desperate council wanting to have something to show for themselves at the next election and so far it is very little. Whenever a labour councillor makes a complainant all the tories can do is say things were worse in your regime its so unnecesary and makes them look a bunch of spoilt school children wanting to point score all the time. We deserve so much better!



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